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What does our Parking Ticket Bailiff Appeal Service include?

  • 1 – We Guarantee to Cancel Your Charge Certificate or Order for Recovery

    Our action will stop the pending bailiff action if you have not received the original ticket or if you have appealed but got no response.

  • 2 – We show you how to pay the original ticket

    Once the bailiff and court action has been cancelled you can pay or appeal the original ticket.

  • 3 – Cost Effective and Transparent Service

    Our admin fee is only £25 and it is fully refundable subject to our terms and conditions if we are not able to cancel your pending bailiff action and reduce your ticket.

Example Charge Certificate or Order for Recovery Progression

  • £65 =
    Original ticket cost (reduced by 50%)
  • £130 =
    Full ticket cost
  • £195 =
    CHARGE CERTIFICATE Cost (with 50% increase)
  • £202 =
    ORDER FOR RECOVERY Cost (with £7 fee added)
  • Parking ticket reduced

    I was able to reduce the fine from £202 to £65 so I could pay fine to the council.

    Author's imageMartin Whitehead
  • Pending Bailiff Cancelled

    Thanks for your assistance with the court letter demanding £202 for a parking ticket which I never received. Truly a weight off my shoulder now gone.

    Author's imageMandy Stevens
  • Court Action Stopped

    I saved £137 and got my ticket cancelled after I appealed. This service is a no brainer.

    Author's imageKiran Shah

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