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  • How does it work?

    It’s quite easy really. You need to answer a few simple questions here then upload a copy of your paperwork (your ticket and/or any other letters you’ve received) We will normally contact within 24 hours to let you know if we can help. After you ask us to assist we will contact the private parking company, council, traffic enforcement centre or bailiffs on your behalf and submit your appeal or dispute. We inform you every step of the way of the progress and our aim is get your ticket cancelled or reduced.

    Why use AppealAParkingTicket?

    All we do is appeal tickets so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. We will inform you of anything you need to do each step of the way. Once you call us on 0203 322 8282, 07584 625 756 or complete the questionnaire one of our team will let you will know if your ticket can be cancelled, reduced or disputed.

    Everything can be done online from your pc, mobile phone or tablet , in a seamless and speedy fashion.

    How much does the service cost?

    We provide a free ticket check service and if we can help our appeal service starts from as little as £25. You can see a full breakdown of our pricing here

    I've never used a service like this can I trust you?

    Our mission is to balance the scales and help ordinary drivers just like your to beat the parking bullies. We are unique as we have a dedicated helpline with an expert team you can call Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm on 0203 322 8282 or 07584 625 756 – You can also see how we have helped others just like you see our independent reviews here.

    How do I know how my case is progressing once i've paid you to help me?

    We keep you updated every step of the way with text and email updates as we progress through the appeal stages. You can also call us anytime Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm on 0203 322 8282 or 07584 625 756 where one of our team can let you know the status of your appeal.

    Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

    In many cases we are able to offer a money back guarantee however as each case is different we will let you know in advance of starting to work on your case what service we will be providing. Even though we have an excellent track records for cancelling parking tickets as a general rule we do not offer we do not offer a Money Back Guarantee if 1) You have appealed the ticket yourself first 2) The ticket has reached a debt recovery or court stage 3) We are appealing against any companies that are registered with the IAS 4) Private tickets that have been issued to the vehicle and we are appealing at that stage –  Please see our full terms and conditions here

    Why do I need to upload a copy of my ticket or other letters?

    We ensure that your penalty or parking charge notice and other letters are correctly drafted and include all statutory legal requirements. Incorrect or wrong information can invalidate the ticket and will greatly increase the chances of the penalty being reduced or cancelled.

    Can I send you a copy of my ticket or other letters any other way?

    Absolutely, you can send a copy of your ticket or other documents by WhatsApp to 07584 625 756, fax to 0844 3586020 or email to [email protected]

    Why shouldn't I appeal myself as I did nothing wrong - what will you say that's different to me?

    You can appeal the parking ticket yourself however 95% of the time appeals are rejected as they are normally made for mitigating reasons such as:

    I have a valid permit/pay and display ticket and it fell off the dashboard
    I paid the correct amount but just put in the wrong vehicle registration
    Where I parked was not causing any obstruction so there is no loss to the company
    I am a private hire driver on a job so should be allowed to stop in this location to pick up passenger
    I refuse to name the driver so you cannot pursue me
    I overstayed my time because of an emergency or other reason
    I did not see any signs
    I did not know there was a restriction as i’m new to the area
    I’m disabled and had my badge on display

    Unfortunately the companies do not accept these grounds of appeal any an adjudicator is not legally allowed to accept them either. We have a vastly experienced expert team dedicated to get you the best result who use a wide range of technical grounds to challenge parking tickets. The reasons we use can include anything from the layout/location of the signs and lines to the wording of the contract the parking company must have in place with the landowner. See how we have helped others just like you

    The council are asking for £195 for a ticket I know nothing about. Can you help?

    Yes. We can usually guarantee to get these types of tickets at least reduced to the original amount depending on the circumstances. Call us on 0203 322 8282 or Use our questionnaire to find out

    I've ignored all letters and now have a letter from the County Court...can you help?

    Absolutely Yes. We have an excellent track record with private companies at the county court stages (even if you have ignored all letters) and our team have knowledge of the whole process. Please contact us ASAP to find out how we can help as there are strict time limits to respond and failure to do so could land you with a CCJ. You can Use our questionnaire to find out

    I've already appealed to a private parking company and they have rejected my reasons can you help?

    Yes. Regardless of your grounds of appeal we can normally continue your appeal to the independent adjudicator. There is usually a 21 or 28 days window to appeal to the adjudicator however simply call us on 0203 322 8282 or use our questionnaire to find out – Please note that even though we have an excellent track record, we do not offer a Money Back guarantee for any tickets you have appealed yourself first

    I was told that if I ignore the private parking charge notice the company will stop contacting me after a few letters, is this true?

    This was the old advice given prior to the change in legislation and it worked most of the time. However currently the registered keeper can be held accountable for parking charges notices if the company are not made aware of name and address of the driver at the time of the incident. Our advice is never to ignore these tickets as there are many grounds to get them cancelled. Call us on 0203 322 8282 or use our questionnaire to find out

    I had a company called DRP and now Zenith contacting me demanding payment of a parking charge for a parking charge, who are they?

    These companies are debt recovery agents acting on behalf of private parking companies and will continue to bombard you with payment demands, the case could ultimately end up with the parking company taking you to court. We can help to stop them taking further action use our questionnaire to find out how

    I've paid my council parking ticket already, can you still appeal?

    Once you have paid the ticket the case is normally closed and you are unable to appeal, however if you are within the appeal deadline (normally 28 days) an appeal can still be submitted.

    I have the bailiffs threatening to take my car if I don't pay. What can I do?

    Contact us immediately on 0203 322 8282 and in most cases we can get bailiff action suspended within 24hrs. Following this, the case will get sent back to court for a hearing by a court officer. We can normally get your ticket reduced to the original amount and in some cases cancelled.

    The Bailiffs have sent me a letter saying they will visit my property and take my goods in my absence, is this allowed?

    Absolutely not, Bailiffs are very limited in the actions they are allowed to take. They cannot enter your property unless you invite them in. Our advice is to contact us immediately if you have received any letter of this type.

    My fine has escalated to £512 and the Bailiff told me to pay the fine now and appeal with the council later, what should I do?

    Once you pay the Bailiff it makes the process of recovering more complicated. Just explain that you are ‘disputing the ticket’ and contact us immediately. We will explain exactly what steps you need to take after we investigate what’s happened.

    I was forced to hand over money to a bailiff for a previous owner's outstanding parking tickets after he threatened to take my car, can you help get my money back?

    This is a common problem and yes we can help to recover your money. Parking tickets are the responsibility of the registered keeper at the time of the incident and they do stay with the vehicle once ownership has changed. Call us on 0203 322 8282 or use our questionnaire to get help

    Don't the wardens have to give 5 minutes grace period before issuing a ticket?

    The simple answer is No they don’t. Any period of observation or ‘grace’ is purely discretionary. As soon as your vehicle is seen contravening a restriction a ticket can be issued.

    Do I need to go to court?

    Any appeal submitted on your behalf may result in the matter being heard by an independent adjudicator. You do not need to attend for these types of cases as we can submit the case as a postal appeal.

    Can our fleet company use your service?

    Yes, we have a number of fleet operators – from delivery companies to minicab firms who use us on a regular basis.

    How do I pay for your service?

    We use Worldpay who are one of the biggest card processors in Europe. We don’t store any of your financial information on our site. We accept all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and American Express. Payment is only requested after we have assessed your case and found their are grounds to challenge.

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