• We Can Stop Broadland District Council Parking Ticket Bailiffs Within 24Hrs

    ** 3 Reasons to Never Pay Broadland District Bailiffs **
    • We offer a Quick and Easy Broadland District Council Bailiff Parking Ticket Appeals Service Here – If you’ve received a phone call, letter or visit from an enforcement agent demanding money for a penalty charge notice we can help
    • We Stop your Broadland District Council Bailiff Action For Only £49 – simply let us know what’s happened and send us a copy of your latest letter and we’ll take it from there
    • If we don’t Suspend Your Broadland District Council Bailiff Action we give you a No Quibble 100% Money Back Guarantee (T&Cs)
  • What Our Customers are Saying..

We can cancel the following bailiff fees

  • £75
    On instruction from the council
  • £235
    Once they visit you
  • £110
    If they seize your goods for sale
  • Broadland District Council Bailiffs can’t take goods not owned by you

    This includes a car on finance HP/Lease purchase, property that is owned by another person or goods that are exempt.

  • Broadland District Council Enforcement Agents must attend during normal hours

    They can only visit your property between 6am and 9pm, unless they have permission to do otherwise

  • Broadland District Council Bailiffs cannot use force to get into your property

    This includes pushing past you or getting into your property through an open window or by taking up floorboards

  • Broadland District Council Enforcement Agents Can’t demand inflated fees from you

    Bailiff fees are set by law so they can only charge the sums in the list above once the correct notification has been served on you.

Broadland District Council use Bailiffs or enforcement agents when they have issued parking tickets or penalty charge notices to drivers who have failed to pay a parking fine or who have not responded to a charge certificate, order for recovery, PE3, TE9, witness statement or other statutory declaration documents that may have been posted. Broadland District Bailiffs will either attempt to clamp your vehicle or try to gain access to your property to seize your goods to sell. You normally have 28 days to appeal your penalty charge notice or parking ticket when you first receive it. If you miss this timeline the council or local authority will send out a notice to owner then, charge certificate and then register the debt at the TEC – better known as the traffic enforcement centre. After the debt is registered a warrant is issued by TEC and Broadland District will usually use one of the following enforcement agents Newlyn, JBW, Task Enforcement, Phoenix, Marston, One Source, Equita, Collect Servives, Rossendales, Rundles, Jacobs, Confero Collections, Whyte & Co, Bristow 7 Sutor or Chandlers. These are one of the many enforcement agencies who are used by local authorites to pursue the debt. We can dispute your parking ticket even if it is with an enforcement agent to try to get it reduced back to the original amount. Contact us now to find out how.

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